[Art - Official - Art Book] irrisolto: partiture per corpi liberi

"irrisolto: partiture per corpi liberi" is a work I made with italian artist Annalisa Zegna for a collective project presented as a textile book.
The book, titled Roll up - an edition by Fondazione Bonotto and Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa- will be presented in Venice, march 22 and Milan, april 8.


[Video - Official - Short Film] a glitch in my head

I recently directed a couple of videoclip for Fermat's last theorem's ep "compromised" (that you can see here).
From the same material, I also edited a short film version.
Ladies and gentleman...


[Video - Official - Visual Set] jazz:re:found

I recently worked for jazz:re:found festival in Turin, one of the best line-up around black music and electronic on the italian soil and beyond. (check it out here)
So pretty much all of the visual show behind the artists was made by me. I definitely enjoyed.


[Video - Official - Videoclip] Compromised by Fermat's Last Theorem

I recently directed two videoclip to show "Compromised" new EP from italian band Fermat's Last Theory. Videos are chapters of a whole story about some sort of mental illness, and where both world premiere on BlankTV
So here you can see the beginning "Neurosis"

and end with "O.C.D". Hope you enjoy...


[video - Official - Videoclip/Networking] "Moth" from "Warm Glow" by Luca Sigurtà

I just made a little video teaser for "Warm Glow", new release of Luca Sigurtà for Monotype Records.

While waiting for September, you can take a look of a new edit of my "anatomy of darkness", used as official videoclip for "Moth", taken from the new album. Hope you enjoy both...


[ Radio - Networking ] SALA_MACCHINE

I am proudly part of this radio project about electronic music.
Here you can listen the first 2 episode. The transmission is in italian language, but you can enjoy the music...

SALA_MACCHINE Episodio #1 by Sala_Macchine on Mixcloud

SALA_MACCHINE Episodio #2 by Sala_Macchine on Mixcloud


[Audio] Xmas Mix

My best (downloadable) wishes to all of you out there!