[Video - Official - Networking] Nero by Uselessness

Here is Nero, the 2nd video i worked on for Uselessness Project


[Video - Official - Networking] Rosso by Uselessness

I worked with NY based dancer Giorgia Bovo and composer Francesco Beccaro on "Rosso" a video of their project Uselessness.


[Video - Official - Art] Unheimliche at Wayfinding Film Festival

Today at Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY, had been premiering the Wayfinding Film Festival, showing among others my work Unheimliche.


[Installation - Official - Art] The void (project drawings) at E.G.E. exhibition

Project drawings for the void have been selected for European Glass Experience exhibition. First round of the exhibition will take place at Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimaki, Finland, 28th march to 8th june.
Here all the artwork in the show.


[Video - Official - Networking] Morkebla "nowhere, OK" teaser

I've been working on the edit of the teaser for a new work of italian emerging producer Morkebla.
Here it is (footage by cattinsara).


[Sound - Official - Art] warp:rubbertime live at D/visioni | venezia

Back in 2011 i played warp in rubbertime version for D/visioni a sound art event in Venezia. Here it is (wear your headphones on or listen trough a good bass system, otherwise you ll miss most of it)


[Video - Official - Art] Anatomy of darkness

Anatomy of darkness is a work about body and traces that bodies leaves behind. More than physical that traces are more often made by imagination, perception and memories. They collides in a dark space, that is not reality, is an elsewhere place, a nowhere space. a space that is hard to understand, know, and penetrate.
Anatomy of darkness is an attemp to recreate that space and bring the spectator inside. A way to know more about it and about yourself.
performer: valentina giolo
photography: damiano andreotti
director: aaron inker
This work has been part of:
. ANGAR artists residence