[ Radio - Networking ] SALA_MACCHINE

I am proudly part of this radio project about electronic music.
Here you can listen the first 2 episode. The transmission is in italian language, but you can enjoy the music...

SALA_MACCHINE Episodio #1 by Sala_Macchine on Mixcloud

SALA_MACCHINE Episodio #2 by Sala_Macchine on Mixcloud


[Audio] Xmas Mix

My best (downloadable) wishes to all of you out there!

[Video - Official - Videoclip] Old Photographs by All About Kane

I directed the videoclip for the single "Old Photographs" from italian indie-pop band All About Kane.


[Installation - Official - Art] The void at E.G.E glass exhibition 3 in Portugal

Project drawings for the void have been selected for European Glass Experience exhibition and are now on show at the third venue, Museo do vidro Marinha Granda, Portugal.


[Sound - Official -Art] Liminal 2.0

Another pick from the past. In spring 2012, me, hacienda sonora and mattia rodighiero were in studio for rehearsal on the new version of liminal. hear what we came up with...


[Video - Official - Networking] Nero by Uselessness

Here is Nero, the 2nd video i worked on for Uselessness Project


[Video - Official - Networking] Rosso by Uselessness

I worked with NY based dancer Giorgia Bovo and composer Francesco Beccaro on "Rosso" a video of their project Uselessness.