[Photography - Official - Art] Inner beauty: breathe waves

Inner beauty is a open series of photography, photo-manipulation and photo-related pieces that tries to have an aesthetic (some says poetic) approach to things not supposed to be aesthetic or art-related. It also try to have a look inside -a deeper look- on that things searching for something else that escapes the appearance.
Breathe waves is a manipulated radiography that becomes an abstract painting.
breathe waves by aaron inker

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  1. Yadigar14.12.09

    sometimes i dont need to say something, no word, no nothing, to let you know, how i find your art and how and what kind of feeling it is, when i see something from you, from nicho, from the freak and my brother. it is more than words can say!
    like people from all over the world are sharing the same things, the same love and the same house and the same bread, the same water and the same world...
    like the same breathe waves nicho.
    your sister is loving you man...
    see u soon in istanbul.