[Sound - Official - Art] Warp: gabbia escatologica (Work In Progress)

I'm working on a sound installation, maybe a live performance, which is called Warp: escatological cage.
This project is for my visual art university class at IUAV in Venice.
The main theme of the class is time, in detail: uncommon and non-linear experience of time.
My work is a kind of research on a new way to represent time's flow, alternative to the usual linear-spatial timeline and to give the viewer a new experience of time.
So i worked with a friend from hacienda sonora to produce some sounds that could be played togheter to express that concept.
Slowing down and accelerating a clock-like sound, and mixing it with other, is the way i choose to work on this theme.
The sound installation will have a kind of spiral shape with a clock-like loop that will make a cicle added to other sounds. Every cicle has different sound mixes, that makes the spiral concept. At around 75% of cicle length, all the sound will be covered by a big bass sound (around 63 Hz) that will be perceived more by vibration than by sound. That will create a sort of suspension of the time (that can be related with variuos concept: end of sound-->end of time-->end of everything. escatology!).
After all this words, something real: an excerpt from the mix experiment:


warning: some of the sounds in the clip work on a frequency that the normal pc/laptop speaker cannot reproduce. for a better hearing use good level stereo speaker or good level stereo headphones.

p.s.= any comment, critic, suggestion is, as usual, very welcome...

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