[Sound - Official - Art] Warp: gabbia escatologica (Live Act)

I made the first official performance of Warp, for the final exhibition of the visual art class at IUAV university in Venice, held by Cesare Pietroiusti and Filipa Ramos.
This work is a kind of research on a new way to represent time's flow, alternative to the usual linear-spatial timeline and to give the viewer a new experience of time. So i worked with a friend from hacienda sonora to produce some sounds that could be played togheter to express that concept. Slowing down and accelerating a clock-like sound, and mixing it with other, is the way i choose to work on this theme.
The sound installation has a kind of spiral shape with a clock-like loop that makes a cicle added to other sounds. Every cicle has different sound mixes, that makes the spiral concept. At around 75% of cicle length, all sounds are covered by a big bass sound (around 63 Hz) that is perceived more by vibration than by sound. That creates a sort of suspension of the time (that can be related with variuos concept: end of sound-->end of time-->end of everything. escatology!)
As you can see in the report pictures (made by Manuela Romanato) the live set configuration was made by 2 Apple MacBook Pro Laptop, an Akai MPD24 Midi Controller, and an M-Audio UC-33e Midi Controller.

Here a link of the audio recorded during the performance:
Warp live report by aaron inker

warning: some of the sounds in the clip work on a frequency that the normal pc/laptop speaker cannot reproduce. for a better hearing use good level stereo speaker or good level stereo headphones.

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