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photo by damiano andreotti

The project is based on the attempt to re-configure the space through an intervention that can modify the usual fruition of a place, still maintaining coherence with the original environment and its content, trying to set up a relation between the parts and to involve the spectator into the new configuration.
The aim is to create a set of soft artificial light, seemingly floating, suspended to various high, that will build a game of reflections into the selected space, creating a perception distortion and a new way to conceive the environment.
The lights used derivates from the hacking of a classic light bulb, replacing the tungsten filament with an autonomous LED light that needs no external power supply.
These light will be suspended by transparent or black wire, able to disappear into the environment, creating a set of floating bulbs, suspended in the air, that makes a visual pattern to transforms the space into a dreamy and surreal ambient.
This work is designed to be exhibit into dark environment, where the light can establish aesthetic and conceptual relations with the occupied space.
The glass and the spherical shape of the bulb, an object near to be considered obsolescent, demodè in its classic industrial design, assumes a mysterious and surreal aura, that can fascinate with their illusionistic and magic charm, with a big poetic impact.

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