[Video - Official - Art] Unheimliche (Work In Progress)

Unheimliche: attraction of non familiar
Unheimliche is a work that starts from the "Black and white" text i wrote, a kind of philosophical analysis of the contemporary society. What emerges from the text is the crisis of the post-modernism. This work is an investigation on that crisis and an attemp to generate thought in orded to go on over.
The work is splitted into 3 parts: a visual one and two audio parts (sound + text) that will work togheter. Here some shots from the video test.
Actually i'm working on a video, but i'd like to present that in a different way, a reading with live sonorization and visual would work, an installation would work even better.


  1. They look beautiful Nico, excited about the video-performance!

  2. thanks man! join the mailinglist i ll kep u up to date!

  3. These photos looks like best quality paintings!!!Good contrast between red and blue colors and mild tonation of them creates interesting impression..Best!P.Coded