[Print - Official - Art] Reactive (work in progress)

Brain. Bones. Tissue. Textile. Skin. Meat. Fruit. Vegetable. Ground. Air. Water. Ice. Glass. Broken. Color. Ink. Spot.
Klexographie (Blotto) is an old game based on inkblots. Klex is german for spot. People have to look at the spots and reconize something, then draw what they see upon it.
This game inspired Herman Rorschach to invent the famous psychodiagnostic test. It's called Rorschach's reactive. Works just like the game, instead of drawing you tell the doc what you see. He will decide your grade of madness.
I'm not a doctor. I took the Rorschach test by myself. I played the game my way.
This is the grade of my madness.
Will you see something?

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